Boston Quad 2019


Thank you to our videographer Sean Gibbons!


Boston, MA

This city was founded on the principal of making a sturdy foundation for a country that was just beginning. Boston is an environment that is made up of diverse communities. Boston's reflexive nature makes it a place where citizens and visitors alike can experience how Boston's history is adapting with the changing times. The foundation created by this city has built and supported a series of varying neighborhoods that all reinforce one another. With out a conscious thought, the city of Boston has adapted from the past and with changes made in its urban fabric, the present city adjusts to every move.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Wentworth’s location in Boston provides a wonderful setting for architectural education. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, students experience the cultural richness and a diverse tapestry of both traditional and contemporary buildings. They learn about the opportunities and the responsibilities inherent in the architect’s role as form maker of the built environment while discovering the profound impact of architecture on individuals, communities and societies.

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Regular Member (2/9 - 3/7): $80

Regular Non-Member (2/9 - 3/7): $125

AIAS Boston Quad 2019 Planning Team


Jake Lessard

Northeast Quad Co-Chair


Jenny Kirouac

Northeast Quad Co-Chair


Danielle DiNoia

Northeast Quad Marketing Director


Matteo Zingales

Northeast Quad Fundraising Director


Kyle Kinz

Northeast Quad Fundraising Director


Joseph Scheuermann

Northeast Quad Track/Programming Director (Resilience & Renew)


Nathan Karlsen

Northeast Quad Track/Programming Director (Restore & Reintegrate)


Michelle He Lam

Northeast Quad Volunteer Coordinator


Sean Gibbons

Northeast Quad Videographer